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    Support and Advice for Companies at Risk of Insolvency

    At Poppleton & Appleby, we specialise in recovery advice and support for small to medium-sized limited companies.  We understand what it is like to run a business of this size and how important the right advice at the right time can be to Directors.

    Where we recommend a formal insolvency process, we take time to explain why and the options that are available to Directors. We will also give clear, straightforward advice, setting out what we believe is right for the company and other stakeholders affected by these decisions.

    We assist the company in retaining control of the decision-making process wherever possible, while also being sensitive to the position of creditors who may hold security against it and who need to be involved and agree to any suggested insolvency process.

    We have strong relationships with both national and regional lenders, who may already be providing credit facilities to the company. We are regularly asked by these lenders to give a second opinion where other insolvency advisers are in place and even to take over an assignment where the lender is not comfortable with the existing adviser.

    For more information about our business recovery and insolvency services please contact us.