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    Business Finance Solutions

    At Poppleton & Appleby we often see scenarios where clients have been pushed into financing arrangements that are perhaps inappropriate, too expensive or incorrectly structured.

    This can limit the ability of the business to expand and grow.  In more serious cases such financing arrangements can be a contributing factor to concerns about insolvency and even prevent the easy implementation of solutions

    Funding Marketplace

    The funding marketplace is very different today and is constantly changing. The internet has also opened up opportunities for new and unique sources of funds which now rival traditional forms of lending.

    In this complex funding environment, we work alongside specialist business finance advisors who take the time to understand the client’s business in order to find the right finance solution. This means structuring appropriate facilities and providing access to additional finance through our extensive contact network.

    We can also assist in identifying opportunities for businesses to reduce funding costs, improve profitability and enhance cash flow, setting a business free to move forward.

    Contact our Team for Alternative Business Finance Solutions

    If your business needs assistance with a funding or financing problem, please contact our team of experts, or call us for an initial discussion on 0121 200 2962




    For more information about our business recovery and insolvency services please contact us.

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