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    Insolvency Practitioner

    Negotiating Payment Plans

    When financial problems first surface, business owners are likely to find themselves in unfamiliar territory. This is the time when business insolvency advice is really needed.

    When trying to deal with financial challenges and run a business against a backdrop of cash management problems, relationships with lenders, customers, suppliers, landlords and HMRC can become strained.

    Business Recovery Specialists Poppleton & Appleby have a proven track record in delivering hands-on, practical assistance in these circumstances.

    By talking to banks, suppliers and Crown departments, we can negotiate time to pay arrangements, or even short-term lending facilities, to provide the time needed to implement a recovery programme.

    We have an established reputation for accurate and timely reporting, which means we can achieve credible results where we can see a viable business with short-term cash problems. We will quickly get to grips with the cash needs of the business and put in place clear priorities to maximise cash generation.

    For more information about our business recovery and insolvency services please contact us

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