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    Insolvency Practitioners
    19 Oct

    HMRC business asset seizures jumps 45%

    It is reported that the number of firms facing asset […]

    20 Sep

    Brexit – Let’s wait and see, shall we?

    I had a very interesting start to the day on Tuesday […]

    19 Jul

    A Cautionary Lesson – Director Disqualification

    HMRC are once again at the centre of disciplinary action […]

    Members Voluntary Liquidations
    12 Jul

    Statutory Interest on MVLs – what is the impact for Shareholders 8 months on?

    A recent change in policy has generated substantial interest in the way we deal with Members Voluntary Liquidations.

    Director Disqualification
    05 Jun

    Wake-up Calls for Directors – Some Recent High-Profile Cases

    Director Disqualification of up to 15 years for directors not Fulfilling their Duties. Our free help guide can make directors aware of responsibilities

    Tax Abuse
    23 May

    Tax Abuse and Insolvency. Nowhere to Hide for Directors?

    Directors and Shareholders to be made personally liable for Company tax? HMRC focus on insolvency regime used to avoid or evade tax.

    Business Insolvency Advice
    02 May

    Quiz Night Raises Funds for Charity

    Our annual spring quiz took place at its traditional home, the Butts Arena in Coventry, on 24th April 2018. We raised £1,000 which the winners donated to their choice of charity

    Irresponsible directors
    23 Apr

    Delinquent Directors

    Irresponsible Directors of Insolvent Companies are Under Government Scrutiny. Poppleton and Appleby report on the proposals

    Business Insolvency Advice
    20 Apr

    Some Recent Testimonials for our Business Insolvency Advice

    Business Insolvency Advice is at the core of what we do as Insolvency Practitioners, helping companies turn things around. Here are 3 testimonials.

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